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Rebsdorf Spedition

Our truck runs more than 6 mill KM in Europe every year to seqiure our customers goods arrives safe and on time at the final destinations – while we take into account environmental and safety on the roads. It is road trasnport, with high flexibility and quality – all the way!

The controllers
Rebsdorf dispatchers provide the logistics, os goods are in the right place at the right time. We are in close dialogue with all elements in the transport chain, notably through our satellitebased communications equipment on all our truck – it gives a great safety and minimizes errors.

Division primarily deals with road transport on the European market – where our primary markets are Germany, Benelux, Norther par of France and Italy – on which destinations we are strong and have set our trucks on the requirements of these countries.

In our warehouse of 3000 m2. Rebsdorf-Spedition a/s offers an individual logistic and warehousing solutions, ranging from long-term storage to pick-pack/labelling/sampling and distribution functions to all Scandinavien contries.

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